Sunday, December 28, 2014

You & I

St. George & stories 
Coco & swings 
Lagoon & cherry Chapstick 
Flowers & ice cream 
Clue & siblings 
Window shopping & crashing art shows 
Bacon & legs 
Zoo lights & cold hands
Long walks & kissing in the street
Crying & laughing 
Journals & guitar picks
Bears & post its 
Red lips & stained cheeks
Late nights & face time 
Bed time stories & emojis 
Socks & dogs
Bad driving & city lights 
Kisses & purple lips 
Uno & pulled pork 
Sledding & sisters
You & I 

Don't feel beautiful, BE beautiful

I read a tweet today talking about how it was gross to see figured girls wearing certain clothes. That hit home being one of "those" girls. Here's my story and how I'm over coming it, and how you be bigger than it. 

"I liked everything about you except that you are full figured."

"I don't want to take her to the dance because she's fat." 

What would you do if this was said to you? That you are too fat or that you are too skinny or that you are too short or that you have the wrong hair color? 

This is what I did. I sat in my room. Cried myself to sleep. Cried when I Looked in the mirror because I thought people would think I looked fat. Cried when I wanted to go out to a party because I couldn't find an outfit that I thought people would think I looked okay in. Cried when I all I wanted to do was lay in bed in self pity. Cried at the end of the day when I thought about what I ate and was disgusted thinking of all the crap I ate. I cried because I thought no one thought I was pretty. Yes, some didn't. But there were few who thought I was more than pretty they thought I was beautiful. 

Homecoming Jr. Year: I was asked to homecoming by one of the guys in my class a total crazy fun guy. Out of all the girls he could of asked he asked me the "big cheerleader." No one else wanted to because I was "bigger." But he didn't care. He thought I would be a fun date. He didn't care about how big my body was. He wanted to have a fun. I didn't think this was anything until now. 

Forts, movies, & missions: one of my best friends got called on a mission. He was the one person in a long time who opened my eyes and told me I was beautiful. I wrote him thanking him about a night we hungout for the last time and this is what I said  "...the night we hungout. You said something that I will never forget. You told me that my body what beautiful the way it is and that you thought I was beautiful. We had a lesson in relief society today and it was about love. And what you would do for love or what you think love is. And they were always talking about loving yourself. For the longest time I never loved myself because of what happened (I like everything but...). I want you to know the day you said that I knew what it was to not only love myself but to feel loved by someone other than my family. You have truly been a blessing in my life and such a great example." He knew I was beautiful. 

All this time I would cry. I was the one holding myself down. I would hold myself back from everything. 
No one else. We need to think about the words we speak. "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones (Proverbs 16:24)." 
I couldn't have gotten out of the place I was in unless these people were there for me. And not only were they there for me they truly cared for me and thought I was beautiful. You don't need the world to think you are beautiful. You need the ones who count. Make sure you tell the ones you love how much you love them and why. Because you don't know what they are going through. 

"Because the ones that mind don't matter and the ones who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss 

little xox

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Catching up

What a crazy time it is... I'm 18, finally out of high school, working, and planning to go on a LDS mission. So much has gone on in the past couple of months. And I can tell you growing up is not easy but it is so worth it! The things I am learning the people Im meeting/not meeting. The lessons I'm learning are all so worth it. But yes it is so very hard. And half the time I just want to watch Greys anatomy thanks K for getting me hooked! But, I also don't want to stay at home doing nothing. So her is a little rerun of what's gone down the past couple months.

Graduation, tell Ma I made it? Class of 2014. I did. I beat the system and graduated. Knowing half time I would be lucky to be able to drop out with half the credits (just joking). I was able to graduate with my best friends. Some who I have know from elementary and some I met senior year. But to say the least I was able to gradate with the best friends. 

Oregon is one of my favorite places and always will be it is a home away from home. 

I am a NANNY! Yes a nanny. Best kind of birth control. Haha yes I just said that. Oh my shun me to hell. But I do say I love it. Spending my day with a little sweetheart can't get any better and yes, it may be great because it's hard work but the other half of me wants a cute like girl or boy I can dress up and play with all day. But for now.... I'm good just being mommys helper. 

That's all I can't think of for now. Yes I might have repeated some things but it's been a while. 

little xox

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer & Stuff

So it's summer... Summer can either be really boring or really exciting. But people have been asking me how my summer is and I've been saying boring. But it has not been at all. I've done some way fun things so here's a recap of the 1st couple of weeks. 
Lake mary: a couple of my guy friends and I decided to go up to lake mary. "A family friendly hike." LIES!!! We start up one way. Total wrong way cut though Brighton the girls camp find someone working and ask where to go. They tell us and we are on our way again. Only to miss the path again. So we see a cop and ask him. He should know right? Tells us to go a certain way. We start up again... Now for the 3rd time! We start heading up what we "think" is the path. As we are heading up we walk for a long time. (Me thinking I'm in pretty good shape. HA NOPE!) I'm dying by this time. And we end up at some random ski lift. We climb on top and I say. "Hey, I don't know where we are... Or were lake mary is. But I know there's a lake up there..." About a half a mile away or so. The guys pipe up and say "let's go" I say "kill me know." We start heading up through random trees and rock to go to this dam that has a lake on the other side. We finally get to it. And there is this couple with there 3yr old. And we ask "what lake is this?" They reply "lake mary" with a sorta DUHHHHHH look on there face. We look at each other and laugh. We took the hardest way up. 

Another fun thing is shoot the tube. If you live in Utah and have not shot the tube are you a true Utahan? It's just past suicide rock. It's so much fun. Yes not really legal but worth the thrill. 

It's going down. I'm yellin' TINDER. Yes, tinder. What a funny thing it is. I've always been super sketched out about the whole meet guys off the internet or whatever. But, I started talking to this really cute guy and said what the heck lets meet up. So we went to the arts festival and talked and walked around. He was the nices guy! And SO CUTE! No catfish here! We talked about anything and everything. We laughed a lot. But I think I need to work on my flirting skills definitely lack in the area. But if you feel it could be okay. Try it. Go meet a guy or girl from tinder! I will say this... Met in a public place and someone fun. Makes it less awkward and if something goes wrong you have plenty of people to help you out. 

Missionary farewells: Break my heart. A bunch of my really good guy friends are leaving on there missions soon and it makes me so sad... But so happy. Sad because they are leaving for two year and I won't get to see them. But happy because god gave us this life. Why not spend two years serving The Lord. And telling the world about eternal families. Last Sunday I had a farewell of a guy that I met last year though a close friends. I have loved being able to get to know him better. All I can say is he did great and make your four min. count! I love hearing what the almost missionary's have to say because it makes it that much easier for me to stay strong with my choice to serve a mission. Even though I have awhile. Which is probably why it feels so hard. It gives me a boost of. I can do this! 

That's all for now. Just a tad bit of what really went down. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer of love?

Who wants a summer fling? 

I DO! But, I don't want the mess that comes with it. I want cute dates. Like walks through the park. Bike rides all over downtown. Day trips to random parts of Utah. Midnight kisses goodbye. All sounds great doesn't? I don't know we will see what happens! 
But so far. It's been a good start to summer. Oh the last day of school I went to shoot the tube with my friend mason! If you don't know what that is. You don't know how to have fun. Text me and we will so sometime! Then I went to last blast and that was not to fun as to mostly weird. And random. And long. But that morning we drove up the canyon at around 5:30 to watch the sunrise! We really are lucky to have such beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I was sitting in the back with Isaiah on my left and Tuli on my right. But Isaiah had all his weight on me so then it gave all the weight on Tuli. I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open but we all ended up falling asleep. Then it went from bonfires, to shakes, to more bonfires to more ice cream.  It's been a lot of fun. And it's only been a week. Wait less than a week. Yey can't wait for the rest! 

In conclusion.... Summer bring it on! And boys... Don't just be a kiss and diss. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Release of hell

So going through high school you think you end up finding out who you are. But in fact that is not true at all. You go about your days deciding what to wear that day looking for different looks. Trying to get your homework in on time but to tired for no reason. Going to church every Sunday because you love the gospel to repeat it all over again. And what's the the difference? Nothing. Maybe a different party one week. To maybe a different crush the next. But nothing big enough to really make you change or find out who you are. And for me. High school was all drama no searching.  Being the cheer captain you get the title of being popular. But I HATE THAT WORD. Why do I have to be "popular" what can't it be something else. But one day I walked Into a class and someone said. "Hunter you're not popular... You are simply outgoing. And there is a huge difference." What an amazing thing that is. Popular. Is so vulgar and disgusting when you think about it. Think you are all that and that you know everyone and run things. But I don't feel that way at all I feel like I'm just another girl that has a lot of stuff going on that likes to cheer. So when she said this. I could do nothing but smile. I sorta forgot where I was going with this but anyways. I had no clue who I was. And it coming to a close of senior year. I was frantic. Not knowing what to do. Then I realized. I'm not going to find out who I am because that's not what high school was made for. Life was made for finding out who you were. So here I am. 18 graduate of high school. Still having a curfew of 12 and loving the sunshine on my face. Because it's all part of the joy ride. 

So in conclusion high school is just a bunch of drama and crazy girls fighting over guys the will never get. Or in the end aren't worth there time. But it's what you make it. All I can say is... DONT PROCRASTINATE. and go to school and seminary if you take it. And read your scriptures. And make sure you can spell. Like your and you're. And don't be late on a late start on your birthday. You may get yelled at. Don't let boys make you feel ugly. Relationships aren't worth the heart break. Well..... Maybe. They are good life lessons. But you... You were worth the heart break. But love your body. Don't let people tell you different. EAT FOOD. It's good. And take those dumb classes. They might be fun! But other than that. DONT PAINT BALL THE FOOTBALL FIELD. There I say it. I have been released from hell. 

I couldn't be more happy to have graduated with the people I did. They have all made me who I am to this point. What a blessing. Here are a couple of them now. 

My best friends Nohea, me, & Sarah 
The babes Rod, me, & Isaiah (also my best friends) 
My sisters Grace & Fita 
My brother Poii 

There are so many more. But family is most important. I can't wait to see what comes!!! I'm planning to serve a mission in a couple of months. YEYY can't wait. Love you all. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It is real

Oh how real the end is coming. 
I have 5 weeks left of my high school life. People say the last 5 weeks are the best you will ever have of your whole high school life. But is it really? The thought just scares me.... All my friends going away to college, some leaving on missions, and some roaming the world. These people I have gone to school with for 4 years or even more than that, I may never see or speak to again. People say they can't wait to leave all the drama and people behind but isn't it funny how these people you want to leave are the people who have made you who you are. The people who you laughed with, the people who help you with that last minute project, the people who stayed up all night listening to your boy problems. Are you ready to leave that all behind? I'm not. I'm so grateful for every person that I have gone to school I have leared so much from all of them. Thank you. I know that I'm going to try and keep in touch with as many as I can. But when it gets down to it. What are my plan for post graduation? Well, I'm planning on working for a while until I can go and serve a full time LDS mission. Then head up to Utah state when I get back from that. How excited I am for to go and serve my lord for a year and a half. 
I can't wait to start my life and the people that want to keep in touch will. 


Monday, February 3, 2014


They say when you really like someone you should wait for them. That the pain is worth it. The long sleepless night thinking about these situations you make up in you mind are all worth it. But is it right. To have these fake hopes nagging at us? But no. For I am an extraordinary woman. I don't wait for anyone. Right? Independent. Powerful. Self-motivated. Scott. Fitgareld once said (qoute in photo) 
The women with having, won't wait. So this puts a question. Would you wait because you want to follow your heart or would you let go because you know your worth is too great to wait around for any man? 

Please let me know,
Hunter xox

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Over and over

You get to the end of a year. Looking back on all the things you have done or did. The crazy rides out of the roof of a car in spring break or the long walks at midnight. Or singing at the top of your lungs even though you can't sing. But what even comes in a bigger picture is how much hurt you have felt by people. Like being called fat, saying your not good enough, loosing the closet people. Feeling like there's no way to get a grip on this next year. But you can't. I have had to come to the understanding. That it happens for a reason. Right? That things will get better. And the people that want to know you will know you and the people that don't. Won't. 

Funny thing is... 
It will happen over and over again. So is this when we take the blessings and keep them. And take the heart ache and pain. Write it down. And read it later.