Saturday, September 24, 2011

My School years consists of....



EWWW Homework I hate it but oh well! haha

Boys are amazing! that all i can say but there the as FRIENDS!! :)

and CHEER! :)
I lOVE CHEER WITH ALL MY HEART!!! IT SO MUCH FUN!!! we had mini cheer were little girls come and learn cheer and is so cute they perform on the game that Friday! it was soooo CUTE!!!!

Jam packed with waking up early (5:40am)to going to bed early! 
And yes i go to bed early, it's called 9 o'clock babe!

To fun text with cute boys! 
I love it they are funny nice and crazy!

Homework in the park!
Hehehe...  A, Oh how i love this girl! she is crazy cool and the chillest person i know! Homework in the park went from actually doing homework to watching the football player practice! if we worked together at an actually job we would be fired no doubt because would not get anything done!

Grabbing someone really randomly to go to Arby's!
I really wanted to go to Arby's so i grabbed my friend B and said lets go to lunch she said i can't, But then she said whatever lets go! so we did! and it was fun! hahaha

Stomps after a game!
There was a Stomp  after one of the games and it was super fun! it went to trying to dance with someone that is 1ft 4in taller than me, ( I love this kid!) to cat-dadding hahaha oh high school!

Driving to lunch with friends!
I went to lunch with a big group of people hahah.... 
BANG! ... were here! :)  (sly smile)
it was fun!!!

Getting out of Spanish to go ceramics!
Oh my we asked the sub if me and my two friends could go to the ceramics room and she said sure just call me when you get there.... we did and M is a FRICKEN AMAZING potter! hahaha we talked the rest of that period and it was so fun!!

Getting my permit!
Failing a Dr. Ed because you don't have your permit SUCKS!!!!! But i got it and now i can DRIVE! ... DANG it's scary!

Braiding the Poly Rapunzel hair!!!
Her hair is so long and so pretty! I love it! As you not know I love Polynesians there so nice I love them!!

My sister leaving for collage! :(
My sister left for fashion collage and she is having so much fun without me. What is wrong with her you don't leave family behind! am i right? or am i right! hahah :)

Being mad.
Things can get so frustrating!

Bringing a dragon fly to class!
I brought a dragon fly i found in to class and it ended up being the funnest class EVER!!! haha Her name was...

Lola (I named her this name) 
Lelo (my friend R) 
Lila (the teacher)

She was blue and brown what a darling dragon fly she was! We made a home for her! because she was going to die! hahah

Laughing my Butt off!
I have been laughing so hard in class! I have so many inside jokes that i'll think of something and just start laughing randomly! 

Finding new bands!!!! 
I LOVE MUSIC!!!! her are some of my favorite song and artists!
  • Jamie Grace
  • The Wanted
  • He Is We 
  • Jessie J  (Oh my gosh i had Do it like a DUDE stuck in my head all day!)
  • One Republic
  • Reliant K 

Going to soccer games!
I love watching my sisters play soccer there so cute!

This pretty much some up whats been going on for the past couple months!!! HAHAHA 


Ta Taa /Hunter

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I DID IT!!! i made it through another day of conditioning!!! And i can almost do my back hand spring! i just can't do a round off! i know right!

I'm wondering if anyone reads my blog! If you do please leave a comment! hahaha oh and by the way im a terrible speller and i don't know if i'm even really blogging! hahaha

TaaTaa ♥/Hunter

Saturday, June 11, 2011


OH MY HOLY GOSH!!!!! I'M GOING TO HE IS WE!!!!! AHHHHHH you have no clue how excited i am!!!! I am Frecinking out they are AMAZING I cant even explain!!! I almost peed my pants!!! AND I'm going with the best friend anyone could have!!!! SWINGS!!!!!! she is so cute and cool we are going to have so much fun!!!! My other bestie JOYJOY!!!! can't come!! So we are going to take pictures so she can see them and we are going to call her so she can listen to one of the songs!! I'm so excited!!! They are amazing!!!!! :D :D :D :D
TAATAA ♥/Hunter!

I'm all smiles... :D

Well most of the time! Here is the some out of what has happened!
  1. Schools out!!!
  2. My sister graduated!
  3. Cheer pass-down party!!!! :)
  4. Cheer conditioning is starting...
School is OUT!!!! Yeyy I'm so excited! I have Resting for less than one week the summer conditioning is going to start! :( But I'm so excited  I get to hang out with my friends!!! I can't wait!!! we are going to do some really awesome stuff!!!!!

My sister graduated! she is such a wonderful person she is amazing and she is going places in life!!! I can't believe she is going in to fashion!!! she is AMAZING at drawing and I'm very jelouse because i can't draw worth crap! My sister was VALEDICTORIAN and she had 6 cords!!! she spoke at her graduation!  I'm so proud of her!!!!

Cheer Pass-Down party!!! It was so much fun!! we eat breakfast and took pictures and i had so much fun!!! I got the cuttest gift EVER!! It was a makeup bag it had everytinh in it!! ruberbands, bobbie pns, shampoo, cand, ribbons and so much more!!! :D I had fun too!!!! I'm so excited for everything!

Cheer conditioning... I her it really hard!!! but i know i can do it!!! I'm going to look GREAT and the end of the summer!!! If i do this i know i will beable to do anything! I'm going to look at this with so much happiness even tho I have to wake up at 5 and be at school at 5:50! I'm going to be a morning person!!!!
TaaTaa ♥/ Hunter

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovely - Sara Haze Cover girl is amazing and so darn cute!! she is bubbly and fun!!!! she has lifted my spirits so much!!! and... You are lovley just the way you are!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You may not think I'm rich...

You may not think I'm rich... because i don't have a lot of money, or Juicy Couture everything, or shop at expensive places, or have everything i want, or have flawless hair, or have $300 dollar shoes. But what you don't know about me is that I consider my self Rich beyond compare, Life is what make me so rich, the people that I meet, the thing I do, the places go, all the crazy thing i fill my life with.  I  want to live a great life.  I try to live with no regrets. The thing I've done wrong only make me stronger and I take those and move on and become better. Living my life to the full extent is something i wish was so much easier but its not, I try to be happy all the time but that never happens! haha I'm noting close to perfect!!!  I know that I can try to live a good life if i want to!Everyone that i have meet the thing I've done make me Rich! Thank you to everyone that has been in my life!!!!

Taa Taa 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Soccer Boys

 We are going to State semifinals!!!! Ahhhhh YEYYY soccer!!! They did Amazing!!! 2 over times, Won with a  PK (penalty kick)!!!!! If we win in soccer at state it will be THREE STATE CHAMPIONS!!! It was a very long bus ride there and a long bus ride back! but it was so worth it!!! I had a sat with a GREAT friend and we got to know eachother VERY well! hahaha I can't wait to go to state!!! we have some pretty awesome BOYS!!!! :
P.S. there pretty cute too! hahah
Any ways.... life is good! 

Taa Taa for now! 

♥/ Hunter

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its a sour lemon today... :( I was having such a grate day but then that.... happened. And i do have to say its not that big of a deal! but, thats just like that what i do hahaha oh well. I ate a Bad Cherry and i just going to sspit it out and eat better Cherry

SONG of the DAY
Home by Gwyneth Paltrow
I was watching a little bit of Country Strong and this song came on and it is AMAZING!! I  hope you like it as much i have.  
Taa Taa for now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When you think about it... Life is a bowl of cherries. Something you get a good and something you don't, and when you get a bad cherry you don't say, YUCK I hate that or ARE you kidding me theirs is a bad cherry. You politely spit is out with no one seeing. I encourage you to take the bad cherries and spit them out politely :) hahah 
Ahhh, life is so Blissful when you are having fun!!! .....? what does Blissful even mean? 
1. Extremely happy; full of joy.
2. Providing perfect happiness or great joy.
Then yes life right know is Blissful! haha But anyways back to the cherries, TAKE those good cherries and EAT THEM UP! :) (yes go ahead) I would like you to remember one thing Life is what it is and you have to make the best of it!!! 
taa taa for now!